Hermelin biliardi is a long story of passion, inspiration, love for craftsmanship, care for materials and hard work:
behind every single billiard there is the ability and dedication of the hands of our artisans.


Hermelin was born in 1825 in Milan from Rinaldo Hermelin, business owner from Milan. Passion for craftmanship and for the ancient and noble game of pool table inspired him to create an artisan shop.

It started with a classic model of professional pool table but the process evolved from producing just a billiard to a collection of furniture. The high quality of the handmade pool tables was immediately tangible.
For this reason, Hermelin has continued to grow and spread to all exclusive locations in Milan.

Over the years the tiny artisan shop has developed, becoming a successful company and exporting the Made in Italy billiard tables all over the world, without losing the authenticity of a family business management.

Hermelin biliardi kept the craftsmanship ability from the founder, creating pool tables entirely by hand. This ability – together with the high quality of the materials, the care for details, the uniqueness of products – turned into the signature of the brand.


In 2003 Hermelin’s employees took over the business, and from Milan they moved to the hinterland, adding to the historical production of pool tables also the creation of game table and luxury furnitures, following the customers demand.

In 2020 it began a big and important rebranding campaign, where the most ancient and deep Hermelin values meet the most advanced communication techniques, becoming a perfect meeting between craft historicity and innovation.

With almost 200 years of experience and a growing international reputation for originality, creativity and quality, Hermelin Biliardi represents one of the most inspired italian pool table company.

From the use of high-quality materials, to the manual skills of our craftsmen and women, we strive for uniqueness, authenticity and inspiration in everything we do.

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